Updating address for drivers license

They are good for 3 years, and can be renewed after 3 years have passed.If you get more than 6 points on your driving record, then your license could be suspended and you will also have to restart the 180 day waiting period before you can apply for your unrestricted license.Kentucky takes great pride in teaching young and/or new drivers good judgement, driver education and road regulations proven to reduce the state’s somewhat high teen-age auto accident and fatality rate.No matter what age you are, you can only apply for an Intermediate License after you’ve carried a permit for a minimum of 180 days without any moving violations.If this is YOU, then your teen will need your signature to apply for a permit or license.You will be partially responsible for any damages, so make sure your teen is indeed ready to drive.The Transportation Cabinet may also schedule you for a hearing.

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You will need to complete 60 hours of behind the wheel driving, 10 of them must be nighttime hours.

Any DUI or alcohol related convictions and longer suspensions for serious offenses will be transferred.

You will also need to complete the GLP course, unless you completed previously completed one. You will have to wait 180 days from the date that you received your intermediate license, while also keeping a clean record (no tickets!

Scheduling in that circumstance will be determined by the Transportation Cabinet and the school.

You can take the online course at any time in the morning, noon or night…

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