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After the class question, Stephanie asked, "What are you into? However, Amy really wanted to join so she answered, "I like regular sex, I've tried anal but it isn't my favorite. "I've been with 6 guys total, and one girl I hooked up with when I was drunk at a party." Stephanie did not react to this information either.

" Amy thought for a second, "Well I like to play volleyball or just relax with my friends." Stephanie smiled at this and then said, "No, not like that. I like to suck dick, and have my nipples pulled a bit." Stephanie didn't react to this information so Amy did not know if she answered the right way or the wrong way. Amy was no longer sure what was going on or why these questions were being asked. I don't want anyone in the sorority getting pregnant and making us look bad." Stephanie said. I'm on the pill." Stephanie nodded at this answer like it was the right one.

The comedienne and actress was pictured from behind as she sat in the round tub.

Her hair is tied up into a messy bun and she is leaning back against a white fluffy towel draped over the side of the bath.

She motioned for Amy to sit down on one side and she herself sat on the other. Only the very pretty ones like you do." Amy thanked her for the compliment, and the interview started.

She looked through Amy's paper work before speaking. It was regular interview questions, what her major was, what year she was, what she did when she wasn't in class.

Currently live in Austin Texas but travel quite a bit.

Amy Joins a Sorority If this is popular, I can make other stories with either the same characters in different situations or different characters in a similar situation.

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Amy was too nervous to respond and followed Stephanie through the house.

The rest of Thursday and Friday morning, she thought about it and felt herself getting more and more nervous.

At pm on Friday, Amy walked from her dorm to the sorority house, wearing a v cut white tee shirt and black leggings.

Stephanie looked at Amy and said, "This is Elle and she's been in the sorority for about two years now. " Stephanie answered, "In case you couldn't tell by what me and Elle are wearing, these challenges will be sexual. If you fail three of them, then you aren't allowed to join the sorority or tell anyone about this.

She joined her freshman year like you are trying to do. " Elle spoke in a soft, but sexy voice, "Yeah, they were really hard, especially at the end." That did not reassure Amy who nervously asked, "So... These challenges are all possible to complete, so good luck and I'm sure I'll be seeing you later." With that, Stephanie walked out the door, stopping to spank Amy hard once.

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