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Free Keylogger Platinum is a software for hidden keyboard monitoring.

It is able to capture every keystroke from any application running on computer.

After installation, you can either access reports via Local Network, either directly on their computers after they go home.

You will see who is a good worker, and who is a lazy bugger.

Just imagine: you can catch conversations, passwords, chats, emails and much more.

Protect Children Online If you are a parent, you probably know how is it diffucult to guard a children from the outer space. It is a place when you can tataly lose your control over your kid.

You will appreciably increase a performance of your business, and start receiving much more money.

Recover Lost Text Many people use our software to backup their work.

As a result, you get a leak of productivity, and therefore, a drop of revenue.

In this sutuation you need to take your employees under control. All you need is to install it on their computers just once, launch and set on automatic startup with Windows in hidden mode.

Your employees will even not know about existance of monitoring program on their computers.

Thousands of pairs fall every year by reason of unfaithfulness due to online meetings.

Statistics shows: - 56% of people use the Internet for flirt. And almost half of them at least once made phone contact with the person they flirted online.

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