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[Laughs] This is the first time you guys get to set up shop in Madison Square Garden, which is easily one of the most monumental spots in the world.How does the Garden compare to other venues you guys have visited on this tour? We figured it might work in New Zealand or South Africa more or less because they’re really open to this action sports stuff.It’s supposed to be a Superman Indian Air Front Flip, which has never been done on a dirt bike.I know it’s possible since I’ve done it in the foam pit, but I haven’t really been successful with the Tandem Front Flip, but hopefully by the end of the tour I get a chance to try it.

The difference between the people that make it in action sports and people that watch action sports is more in the mentality.He’s out of the hospital now, but it’s tough to see your friends get hurt during stunts.Overall, I’d rather take the chance doing this while traveling around the world then to work a desk job. It’s such a great opportunity for all of us involved.Everybody on tour has that one trick; they’ve got that unicorn.It’s cool because everyone will land their stunt at a lot of the shows.

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