Dating for men with long hair

The ex said I might be mistaken for one of those religious types who never cut their hair and wear mesh caps. This from the man who found me hot enough to buy me sex toys? What I read is, Change everything about your self in hopes of finding a man. Entire blogs are devoted to the topic of gray hair. Just check out these opinion pieces from the New York Times and Oprah. I’m happy with how it looks and when I look in the mirror, I see a confident woman who’s not afraid to show her age.At some point in her life, every woman contemplates her face in the mirror and notes the signs of aging. I know the standard advice for senior women: Get a dye job. But what do men see when they find my online dating photo? Should I follow my mother’s advice of 30 years ago to wear more makeup so men will want me?Women spend an extensive amount of time on their hair throughout their lives to keep it looking beautiful.This serves to make her more attractive for herself which builds confidence but also to make her more appealing to men.

Many women look just as beautiful or more so with shorter hair.

The perfect hair length for a woman is which ever makes you feel most comfortable, confident and beautiful.

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Though the taste of men may vary, the majority of men like long hair on women. Which is why some women do not like long hair on men, unless you are a rich rock star or movie star to compensate.

Not so long that it can be thrown down a tower for a prince to climb up but the general consensus is around shoulder length. Hair length also represents positive aspects of a woman’s personality. She buys good shampoos and conditioners to maintain it.

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